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I went on a journey throughout India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand observing organizations that are working specifically with marginalized women and children who have been or are at-risk of being trafficked as sex workers or bonded laborers. While this blog is expository, its intent is to create awareness as well as provide real-life examples of solutions! Hence, the name of the blog. Beauty is lost in these dark places. Yet, there are people hard at work redeeming human lives. Many programs create vocational training to provide income-generation for the participants. These organizations are creating beautiful products that are emerging in the western marketplace. They are shop-worthy for their uniqueness, but also because they are creating second-chances for women who are lifting themselves out of poverty. We who "have" can make a big impact in the world simply by how we choose to spend our money. Also, we can donate to organizations that are on the field, down the alleys and in the trenches. This work is not easy but the pay-off is great. Lives are redeemed and beauty is found.


NEPAL | places

It's hard to believe that I left the country of Bangladesh almost 3 weeks ago. When you're traveling to varied places for an extended amount of time, you lose track of how long you've been gone, what day of the week it is and what it feels like to be cold. You live very "in the present", which is incredibly refreshing coming from a thick chunk of years that had me living for the future. At least once a day I have to ask someone, what day is it? I can't be tethered to email or an iphone because electricity rolls in and out at whim, cell connection is often "beep, beep, beep--busy" and wireless is equally come and go. And why ever would I want to be tied to a computer with all these old towns, and mountains to explore? So, three-weeks have gone by and I haven't told you a thing about this magical kingdom of Nepal, a story best told in pictures...

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